Exemplary loan signing professional dedicated to precision and client satisfaction. Committed to representing your company with integrity at every closing

With a dedication to detail and a commitment to exceeding client expectations, I guarantee a seamless and stress-free closing experience.

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Your assurance of seamless notarial services. Specializing in document authentication, signature witnessing, and legal compliance, we guarantee reliability and efficiency in every transaction. Trust us to safeguard your documents with precision and professionalism.

About us

Loan Signings

I'm an NNA Signing Agent and have completed Loan Signing System (LSS) courses. Both Buyer and seller side packages performed.

Speciality Notarial Acts

We specialize in notarial services, with expertise in handling complex transactions like HELOC and reverse mortgages. Our goal is to ensure smooth and legally sound processes for all our clients.

General Notarizations

We conduct a wide range of general signings, including acknowledgments, affidavits, jurats, and document verifications, ensuring legality and authenticity for my clients' important transactions.

Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

Secure your legacy with expert wills, trusts, and estate planning tailored to your unique needs and goals."

+ Real Estate Notarizations

+ Signer interactions

Serving nearly 20 counties

Years in Service

Why Moe-Tary?

Moe-tary Notary represents you at the closing table, going above and beyond for our clients. Here are some of our unique qualities:

Extension of your Company

At Moe-tary, we understand that we are an extension of your company and represent and answer all queries of signers in a professional capacity.

Certified, Screened and Insured

I have undertaken NNA certifications, LSS certifications, and we are background screened and E&O insured.

Punctual & Professioanl Communication

We arrive at on-time every closing and keep communications open and responsive. Signers are reminded about appointments via our modern tech workflow.

Same-Day Delivery

We understand the need for same-day delivery and FedEx the documents before the cutoff time.


I offer scanback services, ensuring swift document processing and client satisfaction. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and peace of mind.

Responsive Communication

We understand the importance of ensuring everything is signed to avoid funding issues, and we stay in open communication to quickly resolve any issues.



A Notary Service Beyond Compare” Moe-tary Notary made my home purchase stress-free. Their attention to detail and friendly demeanor put me at ease. Highly recommended!


“Efficient and Professional” I needed urgent notarization for a legal document. Moe-tary Notary handled it swiftly, ensuring accuracy. A reliable partner indeed.


“Wills and Trusts Made Simple” Estate planning can be overwhelming, but Moe-tary Notary simplified the process. Their expertise in wills and trusts is unmatched.


“Seamless Real Estate Transactions” From buyer documents to seller agreements, Moe-tary Notary ensured smooth real estate deals. Their professionalism is commendable.


“Confidentiality Assured” Moe-tary Notary handled my sensitive documents with utmost confidentiality. Trustworthy and discreet—a rare find.


“Responsive and Reliable” When I needed a last-minute notarization, Moe-tary Notary came through. Their responsiveness saved the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Notary Public is a certified official appointed by the government to witness the signing of documents and certify their authenticity.

  • We specialize in various documents, including loan transactions, Real estate transactions, affidavits, contracts, deeds, powers of attorney etc. Schedule a meeting with us to know full range of services.

  • The signer must appear in person or on Remote Device before the Notary Public, provide valid Governtment issued identification, and sign the document in their presence. Valid Governtment Ids indlude - Driving Licenses, Social Security Card etc.

  • No, Notaries cannot offer legal advice. Their role is to verify signatures and ensure proper execution of documents. However we can refer you to proper personnel who can advise you on your queries.

  • An acknowledgment is a formal declaration by the signer that they willingly signed the document.

  • A jurat is a notarial act where the signer swears or affirms the truthfulness of the contents of the document.

  • Notary fees vary by location and type of document. Notary charge comes under state jurisdiction. Moe-tary Notary strictly follows legal guidlines thus our pricing. Moe-tary Notary does not charge extra for any sort of notary service. For pricing details Moe-tary pricing.


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