Moe-Notary, Your trusted partner for reliable and efficient notary services. Notary compliance made simple.

Buyer Packages

Expert in facilitating seamless transactions, offering comprehensive buyer packages and efficient notarization services to ensure peace of mind.

Seller Packages

Reviewing seller packages with meticulous attention to detail, offering seamless notarization services to ensure smooth transactions.

Refinance Packages

We expedite mortgage, refinance, and HELOC documents for seamless loan transactions including FHA and VA

H.E.L.O.C and Reverse Mortgages

Specializing in H.E.L.O.C(Home Equity Line of Credit) and Reverse mortgages, providing expert review of documents and personalized service.

Power of Attorney

We offer seamless document execution for peace of mind when pertaining towards attorney documents.

Business Contract Notarization

Your trusted partner in business contract notarization, ensuring peace of mind with meticulous attention to detail and seamless execution.

Court Appearance Assistance

Offering non-lawyer adept support during court appearances, with accuracy and professionalism. Assisting with establishing audio and video communication applications.

Same-Day Delivery of Legal Files

Safely transfer confidential legal documents through secure delivery services and partners.

Jail Notarizations

Facilitating notarizations of an incarcerated individual within jail settings ensuring documents are appropriately notarized.

Elderly Home Notarizations

Offering convenient notarization services for the elderly in the comfort of their home, hospital, and/or assisted living facility.

Estate Planning

Providing meticulous document review of estate planning notarization to safeguard assets and ensure peace of mind for the future.

Debt Contract Notarizations

Specializing in debt contract review and notarization, ensuring completion of enrollment documents.


Moe-tary Notary LLC, is not a law firm. Our Company cannot provide legal advice for any situation or case. We cannot make personal recommendations on what documents should or should not be used and cannot attempt to predict the legal impact of using any certain document.

The notaries employed by Moe-Tary Notary LLC are not attorneys. The notaries employed by Moe-Tary Notary LLC can read and summarize the document, however the notaries employed by Moe-Tary Notary cannot interpret the contents of any document, instruct how to complete a document or direct on the advisability of signing a particular document

Any pertinent questions regarding document changes should be addressed prior to making the appointment with a notary towards the lender, title company, attorney or other trusted professional.